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  • Adult female leads?

    @PantsMan thank you for this recommendation!! This was such a touching story, I desperately want someone to translate the rest of the chapters now 😭

  • Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    (quote) Don't know why you're bringing that up, but ok. (quote) lmao @ColorfulSoy I think they are refering to the big scan groups (like, the really big ones) that soft drop projects for months but then get angry when someone else comes with a translation. It is (usually) uncommon to see one-man army scans getting sniped because readers know beforehand that it is only one person doing it. But what do I know, when I just entered this year to the scanlation sensation fascination that is illegal mango reading. What is laissez-faire? I remember learning that in ecnomics during highschool but since I was never too into it, I don't understand it.

  • Music Tournament 3.5: Anime Endings! (Cut Versions) [SUBMISSIONS]

    @phoenix_eD If the mods aren't going to be actively participating anyway, I say we should take your submissions as priority. 2 more slots, huh...?

  • Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    ok, so you basically say that, it is a-o-kei to snipe a "one man army" scanlator?

  • Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    Sniping is just the law of Supply and demand in effect. Hogging titles and not letting anyone else translate is monopolistic, and is why most of America has the shittiest internet. Competition increases efficiency, productivity, and innovation. This is basic Economics, cause I got it out of a high school textbook. If you complain about sniping, you probably deserved it. I also believe Mangadex's "laissez faire" approach is praise-worthy. Don't ping me, unless you say only good things. I don't have enough tendies to deal with ur rebuttal.

  • What would you do? - Giving a reason to live.

    I still have games to make

  • Generic 'hate speech' report reason

    For the record, we do actually look at the comment that got reported. The reason in the report is effectively irrelevant.

  • What would you do? - Giving a reason to live.

    embrace it.

  • Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    Always wash your hands after applying strong tigerbalm.

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